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Eye shadow Box bottom Double label

This label is a distinctive double-layer label (with two "ears"), which we can call Eye Shadow Box Bottom Doublelayer Label. The label consists of two parts: the bottom part and the "ear" part.

From the bottom part, we see that because there are many eye shadow colors relating to a lot ofdescriptions , the first layer front can’t cover all the contents and the unfinished is moved to the second layer front . 

As to the “ ear” part , which is divided into three different sizes rectangles by dotted line , can be stuck to two opening places of the Drawer Eye Shadow Box to work as a seal sticker . 

This label is applied to cosmetic boxes with large amount of information and multiple layers.

眼影盒双层标签是一款外观上很有特色的双层标(带有两个”耳朵“),我们可称之为眼影盒底部双层标。 标签由两部分组成:底部部分和“耳朵”部分