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Horizon Printing hold 2019 Spring commencement ceremony

People welcome the New year in the sound of firecrackers, Horizon ushered in its good beginning ---Horizon Printing hold 2019 Spring commencement ceremony

On the morning of the eighth day of the first lunar month of 2019 (Gregorian 2019-2-13), Guangzhou Horizon Printing Co., Ltd. ushered in the first day of the New year's work and solemnly held the Spring Festival opening ceremony on the wide playground of the company building. With festive firecrackers to celebrate the Spring Festival, all of Horizon people are happy to start work , looking forward to a prosperous enterprise and personal thriving cause in the new year .

Open the door with spring breeze flapping face,look up and see the hall full of happiness and joy. The company building is decorated with big red lanterns, happy pig pics and colorful electrical lights. All the employees who attend the ceremony are glowing, everyone smiles, and their hearts are filled with excitement . The scene is full of laughter and joy.

At 09:18, the Chinese New year commencement ceremony officially began on the playground in front of company building . Boss Xu made a brief speech, looking forward in the new year the company business will be prosperous , money will pour in form all sides ." At his command, firecrackers was lit up and sent auspicious sound of firecrackers to bring New year's luck.

Gold pig start the New year, Horizon ushered in the good beginning; peach & willow trees spit new green, everything began to renew. On the first working day of the auspicious New year,all the staff returned to work with hope and joy to say "Happy New year" to each other. Full of enthusiasm they are ready to devote themselves to the work in the New Year , open a new prelude for Horizons 18 th development year .