Stickers label manufacturing enterprises

Successful research and development and manufacturing of four-layer self-adhesive label

Needless to say, for the domestic adhesive label manufacturing industry, with increasingly intense competition in the market, quickly upgoing  operating costs over the year, most of manufacturers been forcing into  Blue Ocean with over competition.

The best way to break up this dilemma is to keep the R & D team's high investment, with high efficiency, and to maintain our comparative advantages in technology at any time. Especially when it comes to multi-layers  labels.

Last Friday (November 10, 2017) The Horizon's R & D colleagues reported again with great news. With the full supportings  of upstream suppliers and the efforts of our technical colleagues, Horizon successfully completed the online printing of 4-layer (7-side printing) self-adhesive labels Not the traditional folding label) technical problems, and has won the very positive comments of customers, will enter mass production later. The customer is a leading brand of cosmetics brand in Europe, its compliments to our technology and services, for our technical accumulation and market image, will have greatly improved.


At present, Horizon label has accumulated considerable experience in multi-layers labels/stickers. Will keep going on this way for a more brighter future.